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2023/24 Sponsors 

We are grateful to our sponsors. With the ever-increasing cost of hockey, the support of community-minded sponsors is key to being able to deliver top-notch programming while keeping player fees as reasonable as possible. 


This year, we are also doubly thankful for the donors and sponsors who have contributed to the creation of the team's new dressing room - which provides a new and improved home base for the program. 

Olympic In Season Sponsor


Silver In Season Sponsor

Milwakee Leaside U22AA Sponsor
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Capital Dressing Room Renovations

Founders Level $5000+

Scott Irwin


Legacy Level $2500+


Patron Level $1000+

  • Harris family

  • Stansfield family

  • Samson (2 stalls)

  • Bennett / Rasmussen family

  • Eaves family

  • Da Silva / Hartviksen family

  • Parent family

  • Smyth family

  • Dillane family

  • Towle family

  • Roberts / Lovering family

Stall Sponsors $500+

We are grateful for the support of many members of the Leaside Hockey community through their sponsorship of a stall in the new dressing room. They will be recognized with a plaque on the stall.

Five stalls remain available for naming! Please contact us if interested in supporting the team in this way.

Sponsor News

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