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If you are looking to make a difference in the lives of young female elite athletes in your community look no further. The Toronto Leaside Junior Wildcats team has established a sponsorship program that will support the team and enhanced community engagement, while providing exposure, advertising, and goodwill to businesses in the communities they serve.

As the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association celebrates its 50th year, it is focused on taking its U22 Elite program to the next level by creating a team space within Leaside Arena fitted out with modern amenities needed to support the players and enhance their performance. This will be made possible through the generous donations of sponsors, and with the support of the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association.  

This capital-intensive initiative, coupled with an enhanced sponsorship program, is aimed at providing the team with everything it requires for players to excel on the ice and realize their dreams of playing hockey at the next level.



Sponsorship is essential to the team’s ability to offer an elite level program that befits the efforts put in by these deserving players.


Set out below are the available sponsorship opportunities. 


Fundraising for New Dressing Room

The Leaside Elite U22 program is getting a new dressing room. This brand new space will be the hub of the program’s hockey operations and help take the program to the next level. By creating this new team space outfitted with modern amenities, the program’s elite athletes will have the support necessary to take their talents to the next level.

With the support of corporate and individual sponsors and the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association, the program is building something great!


Specifics of what it means to be a one-time sponsor of this exciting initiative are set out below.


In Season Sponsorship & Promotion

The Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association, now in its 50th year, is the largest girls’ hockey association in Canada. Its participant count of more than 1600 ranks it higher than the total female hockey player count in all but a small number of countries in the world!

The Association’s Elite U22 team represents its pinnacle. It is comprised of highly skilled, committed, and competitive female athletes who compete in the highest-level female minor hockey league in the world - the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA) U22 Elite League. This community-based program is comprised of outstanding athletes who may be your neighbours, or daughters of your friends and associates.


Programs of this type are expensive to operate. In the current inflationary environment and with the ever-increasing cost of  hockey, families bear a substantial financial burden. Without the support of generous sponsors, program costs are borne entirely by players and their families. 

Are you looking for ways to contribute to the growth and development of these elite female athletes? Are you a business owner looking to find new and creative ways to obtain exposure and goodwill in the community? If so, sponsoring the Leaside U22 Elite program offers a unique opportunity.

For businesses, sponsorship provides access to a variety of online, in-game, in-arena and social media marketing opportunities.

For civic-minded individuals, sponsorship provides a meaningful way to support those in your community working hard to make their dreams a reality. Specifics of what it means to participate in the program’s in-season sponsorship efforts are described in more detail below.


General Fundraising

Fundraising will take place throughout the year to further support the team’s dedicated athletes. Keep your eyes open for communications about these events and other opportunities to participate.


If you would like to be involved, have an idea, or would simply like to contribute your time the program we would love to hear from you. No contribution to the program is too small, and all are greatly appreciated!

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