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Leaside Junior Room Open for Business!

Leaside U22 Elite Wildcat room

It has happened, and it is transformational! This past Saturday, September 9th, the Leaside U22 Elite Junior team unveiled its new modern dressing room to the team’s players and families. A lot of hard work went into launching the new room in time for the team’s first exhibition game of the season against Kingston - which Leaside won 2-1.

While the New U22 Elite room will formally be launched as part of the TLGHAs 50th Anniversary events, this is a big day for the team as it evidences the U22 Elite program’s commitment to providing its elite athletes the resources they need to succeed in the competitive world of female junior hockey.

Thanks to our donors. We look forward to thanking all of the fantastic donors in person.

Players will also have a bit of work to do on and off the ice to emulate the hard work of all the alumni on whose shoulders they stand. We will hold an event where current team members install commemorative plaques on their stalls to recognize the players who “used" their stall in prior seasons. Stay tuned for more news on this event!

New dressing room Leaside Memorial Garden

Finally, we have one final surprise to come. A significant, yet to be named sponsor, who made a considerable commitment to the room fundraising efforts early on, will be unveiled over the coming months. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events around this sponsorship reveal and what it means for the program.

There are still a couple opportunities to get involved in the sponsorship of the room. Please get in touch of you would like to learn more.

Leaside Junior locker room

About the Leaside Elite 22 Program

The Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association (TLGHA), one of the largest female hockey associations in the world, has a long history of making the great game of hockey available to young female athletes. Its U22 Elite program represents its pinnacle and since its inaugural season in 2014 has supported hundreds of elite athletes in reaching their potential, on and off the ice. The program boasts a roster of more 70+ players who have gone on to compete for championships at the USport and NCAA level, and a number of high finishes in league play over its history. This year represents the TLGHA’s 50th anniversary and a renewed focus on restoring the program to its place at the top of elite female junior hockey.


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