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Official Opening of the new U22 Elite New Locker Room!

On Sunday, October 1 we are thrilled to officially unveil our new U22 Elite

locker room.

As we celebrate the 50th season of the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey

Association, we will be sharing it with the community and, most importantly,

thanking our sponsors and donors for their outstanding support.

After the ceremony, U22 Elite players will be providing tours of their new

fantastic new space to their supporters and members of the community.

There are many other great activities taking place on Sunday, click through

here - - to find out more.

We hope to see you there!

About the Leaside Elite 22 Program The Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association (TLGHA), one of the largest female hockey associations in the world, has a long history of making the great game of hockey available to young female athletes. Its U22 Elite program represents its pinnacle and since its inaugural season in 2014 has supported hundreds of elite athletes in reaching their potential, on and off the ice. The program boasts a roster of more 70+ players who have gone on to compete for championships at the USport and NCAA level, and a number of high finishes in league play over its history. This year represents the TLGHA’s 50th anniversary and a renewed focus on restoring the program to its place at the top of elite female junior hockey.


2024/25 Olympic Sponsor

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